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Paradigm Experts will always ensure you get the highest return on your valuable items. From estate services to selling your antiques, collectibles, or other valuables, you can trust Paradigm Experts.

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Our Services

At Paradigm Experts, we specialize in the buying of valuables such as precious metals, timepieces, diamonds, Coins and currency, Gemstones, and jewelry. Our dedicated team of experts knows what it takes to provide top-quality services to clients looking to sell valuable items.
When it comes to precious metals- we understand the market and various factors that impact the value. Our team of experts buys gold jewelry, sterling silver, flatware, tea sets, and more- ensuring our clients receive the best possible prices.
Our Coin Specialists will provide our Clients with a trusted platform for selling coins and currency at the most competitive prices in the area.
We buy vintage and luxury watches, including pocketwatches and modern watches, ensuring our clients are well-informed about the true value of their timepieces.
At Paradigm Experts, we take
pride in delivering exceptional results for our clients!
If you are looking for a trusted partner for all your estate needs, look no further than Paradigm Experts. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

Precious Metals

  • Gold Jewelry
  • Sterling Silver
  • Flatware
  • Tea Sets
  • Trays

Diamonds & Jewelry

  • Diamonds
  • Gemstones
  • Unwanted Jewelry


  • All Brands
  • Wrist Watches
  • Pocket Watches

Coins & Currency

  • Morgan Dollars
  • Bullion
  • Buffalo Nickels
  • Mercury Dimes

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