Time Pieces

 The value of a time piece is determined by condition, brand, age, and demand.



The secondary market is very strong for many of the luxury watch brands, especially Patek Philippe, Rolex, Cartier, Baume et Mercier, and Omega. These are some of the factors that determine value:

  • Brand & Model: each brand’s market value is based on the name and features. Different models within the same brand also range in value.
  • Condition: Dents, scratches, monograms, and previous restorations can greatly reduce the value of a watch.
  • Age: Newer watches have higher value except for certain brands, such as Patek Philippe, where the antique watches may have substantially higher value.
  • Box and papers: Luxury watches may have higher values if they come in their original box and have original papers.


pocket_watchPocket Watches

There is a wide range of pocket watches on the market. Some are encased in gold, but most are gold plated. If a pocket watch is gold, the minimum market value is the value of the gold itself. Factors that may make it more valuable are:

  • Working condition
  • Physical condition: Dents, scratches, water damage, monograms and previous restorations can affect value.



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