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What to Expect if you Want to Sell Your Diamond

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What you need to know when buying a Diamond

Buying the perfect diamond is easier than you think. All you need to know about are the 4C’s:

Cut   |   Color   |   Clarity  |  Carats


This is probably the most important when it comes to determining a diamond’s value and beauty. It shows the skill of the diamond cutter to bring out the brilliance of the diamond. A diamond’s light performance depends on the cutter’s decision of angles and placement of the facets. Getting a diamond to its full luster takes time and careful polishing. Like minute scratches that dull a glass surface, a poor polish can reduce the brightness and sparkle of a diamond. The quality of the cut significantly affects a diamond’s value: the more precise the cut, the more valuable the diamond and the more appealing the diamond is to the eye.

Diamond Cut


With diamonds, the better the stone, the less color it has. A perfect stone would have no color at all, referred to as a colorless. This would be D, E, and F on the color chart below. They come in many hues ranging from colorless to light yellow and even light brown. The rarest of these are the colorless diamonds. The ones with color to them are known as fancy, and their grading is unique, like a fingerprint. Determining a color or colorless diamond is done with Comparison Diamonds in a controlled atmosphere.

Diamond Color


Clarity is another important aspect of buying a diamond, as it can also have an effect on a diamond’s value. Diamonds can have internal characteristics, also known as inclusions, as well as external characteristics that are known as blemishes. A flawless diamond, one that has neither inclusions nor blemishes, is very rare. Clarity grade is determined using 10x magnification. The chart below is a clarity grading chart.

Diamond Clarity


Carat weight has the greatest impact on price. Carats are the units of measurement that are used to determine a diamond’s weight, where one carat is equal to one fifth (1/5) of a gram, and is then divided into 100 points.

Diamond Carat

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