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Our services are 100% personalized, transparent and aimed at helping our clients make informed decisions about their valuables. Paradigm’s jewelry experts are trusted professionals that pride themselves on a consistently excellent client experience.  Read some of our client testimonials below to get first-hand perspectives on our business and it’s impact.

Rebecca's RingI couldn't be happier with my new diamond ring. It is exactly what I was hoping for an more. Steve and Zibby were patient and supportive with me when I decided to redesign my engagement ring. Steve listened to my ideal ring and helped us create something within our budget. My new ring is absolutely stunning! From now on, I know where to turn for all my jewelry buying and selling needs... Paradigm Experts!


I am a professional organizer and have worked with Zibby and Steve on several occasions. My clients have had great success selling their jewelry and coins and have enjoyed the process. I have attended a couple of these sessions and seen the process. Steve has a wealth of knowledge. He is funny and respectful, ensuring that the client understands the process and the dollar value of their treasures. There is no pressure to make quick decisions. My clients are always satisfied and I can’t recommend Paradigm Experts highly enough.


What a wonderful event Steve, Todd, and you provided us with! We have received rave reviews from attendees. Here’s a sample: “My cranky mother-in-law said she loved it! and THAT’s saying something!” “That was, by far, the best fundraiser I have ever attended.” “It was so much fun and I learned a LOT!” “The appraisers were so entertaining and informative!” “Please have another one next year!”


Steve arrived promptly at 10:00 and left just a short while ago. It was an “amazing” and successful morning. Steve is a most enjoyable person to do business with. Certainly, this was a new and gratifying experience for me.


Your Appraisal Roadshow at our St. Mark’s 3rd Agers gathering last Saturday was an overwhelming success! I wish that we could have somehow recorded all the positive and enthusiastic comments we’ve had from many, many people! In addition to the knowledgeable appraisals you gave of our treasures, the related stories you elicited were a delight to hear! We are all very grateful for your wonderful presentation! We thank each of you very, very much!


I am a full-time real estate agent and have worked with Steve professionally for many years. Many of my clients are downsizing and I have referred them to Steve when they have had jewelry, silver, and coins to sell. Every one of them has enjoyed the experience and been happy with the prices offered. There is never any pressure to sell and it is obvious Steve knows his business! I have personally sold some of my own valuables and referred family and friends as well. I highly recommend Paradigm Experts!


Working with Steve was as seamless of a process as I could hope for. I had a general idea of what I was looking for but I didn’t know a lot of the specifics to ask about. Steve knew all of the right clarifying questions to help me to find an engagement ring that my wife absolutely loves. It was also really nice not to have to haggle over a price to get a reasonable value. The first price Steve offered for the ring was already a very good price so there were no negotiations needed. I insure a lot of peoples jewelry (and I’m told the sales price) so I know I paid noticeably less than a lot of people who bought the same size and type of ring. We purchased our wedding rings from Steve as well and he went out of his way to make sure that my wife was comfortable with her choice. All in all it was a great experience and I would highly recommend him to others.


Whether buying a gift or selling unused jewelry, I cannot recommend Paradigm Experts more highly. Not only do you receive personal service and attention from expert jewelers, but you can save thousands of dollars off retail prices. Finally, if you are in the market for diamonds or an engagement/wedding ring, Paradigm Experts is your best choice by far. Shop around to compare prices—you will buy from Paradigm Experts.